Make Money with Jhartman Consulting.

Welcome to Our Referral Program!

The Jhartman Consulting Team invites you to join our Referral Program! Referring business to us can be a great way to earn passive income on the side. We are currently offering 5% commission every month for customers you send us that sign up for monthly services.

For example, if you are an Uber driver and someone is talking business and mentions they need a website marketing team, you mention that Jhartman Consulting get the job done. When they sign up with us for monthly marketing services, you will earn 5% of the monthly marketing fee. So if you have a client that signs up and has a $500 a month management fee for marketing, then you will receive 5% of that ( $25 ) every month. If they sign up for a web marketing package that is $1000/mo you would then receive $50 respectively.

This also goes for websites and our other services. If someone needs a website to go with their marketing, and they spend for example $5000 on their website, you will receive $250 on top of the monthly commissions you get for their marketing management spending.

Become a Jhartman Consulting Affiliate!

We Would Be Honored if You Joined Us!

You can earn as much as you want, there is no limit on the amount of referrals you send us. You can do Jhartman Consulting referring on the side or full time to earn easy passive income. We handle the sales, you just get paid by PayPal or check after each customer pays. The client must sign a minimum 6-month marketing agreement with us to be eligible for referral commissions from them.

Commissions are also paid for after the client has paid in full. We generally offer a half down to begin and half upon completion and before delivery – so once the customer has paid in full – your commission will be paid out on the next monthly payment cycle.

Each affiliate has a dashboard they can log into and see how many commissions they have and what they can be expecting on their next payout. We can also offer digital banners to display on the internet if you plan on marketing Jhartman Consulting online or through your own internet channels.

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