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In April of 2018, I and several other community members of the Blockchain community came together to start a new business called “GoldSmith Blockchain Consultants”

Our Mission is to work with Companies interested in integrating Blockchain technologies and bring industry best practices into the wild west landscape that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have created over the last 10+ years. 

Last Year our team officially met in Boston, Massachusets and began the process of working with several investors in understanding how we can best integrate blockchain technology with traditional investing solutions to create a platform which would allow brokers and investors to easily access and manage their investments.

During this time we worked side by side with a leading brokerage firm to better understand their needs, strengths, and weaknesses with existing solutions and are currently in the process of developing a comprehensive platform that Brokers will be able to easily connect to and offer blockchain based investing solutions to their clientelle. 

 Currently our team is pending approval from FINRA before we officially begin sharing our technologies with brokers throughout the USA. 



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