Preparing Your Website Marketing Strategy for 2019

Preparing Your Website Marketing Strategy for 2019

As we come closer to a new year I would like to take this opportunity to offer some key pointers on ensuring your integrated online marketing strategy is in line with the most current marketing tactics to date.

Ensure your website is compatible with the current technologies out there

It is no secret that the internet and marketing practices are continually changing. 2018 has brought many changes to our table and now is the perfect time to ensure your company adapts to these changes and benefits from the new marketing opportunities offered by them.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile First

In 2018 Google Q3 Google officially kicked off its mobile-first initiative basing your core organic rankings on how well your website performs across mobile platforms. Many websites which previously neglected compatibility with mobile devices are now seeing decreased organic rankings which may indeed be affecting the bottom line. You can find out if your website is affected by these algorithm changes by logging into Google Search Console and viewing the mobile statistics offered by Google.

Make sure to check your messages as in many cases Google has sent you a courtesy message helping you understand exactly where your website needs improvement. Another great resource is GTMetrics or Google Page Speed test. Both of these tools will analyze your websites speed performance to ensure users on mobile devices are not left hanging while your pictures load.

Speech Recognition

As speech recognition becomes more popular by users using their phones and other devices to accomplish searches optimizing for speech recognition is becoming more important than ever.

The best way to target rankings for speech recognition algorithm is to understand what people are looking for and ensure your content is written in a manner which directly relates to the need with direct, quick, easy to access solutions to their questions.

Google offers a helping hand in this process by offering related terms directly in the search results giving advice on what other people are searching for who is also interested in the chosen topic. Don’t be afraid to review these questions and offer direct responses to related queries.

By doing this you may also find yourself in a featured position within Google hosting your answer to the commonly asked question directly within the results

Get Social!

The internet is a powerful tool which offers more control to the end users when determining who they want to work with on solving their problems. This makes social networking and community interaction more important than ever. Whenever an important topic which directly relates to your targeted audience make sure to get into the conversation.

Hot Tip: social responsibility is an important conversation which tends to render well when purchasing decisions are needed.

Consider Video

When people think of video one of the biggest obstacles most frequently preventing businesses from engaging is the misperception that video has to be expensive. Although video can be costly production there are many very affordable alternatives to video production (even free in some cases) which can go a long way in your marketing. Informational videos or How-to can be outsourced for professional development for as little as $50 including animation and voice-overs.

Did you know that people who watch a video are far more likely to make a purchase? Other affordable video marketing strategies include screen sharing, how-to videos, and interviews with key personalities.

Ensure your Branded Search Represent Your Business

Google tends to offer a lot of services to businesses when a branded search is performed. Make sure to conduct a quick search for your business and make sure that your information displayed is correct, all of your social networks are listed, reviews are favorable and your best foot is put forward for people who are interested in getting to know you and your business better.

Connect with Your Audience on related sites

Understanding your targeted audience is key to any successful marketing strategy. Take a minute out and discuss who your targeted audience is and where they might be visiting to stay up to date in the latest industry updates or what other related topics they are likely to be researching/engaging with online.

Once this is defined make sure to take advantage of Google’s display network and provide on-target messaging across these networks

Connect your email marketing strategy

One call to action often ignored is your email marketing strategy. Users who sign up for your email are often much more likely to make a purchase / enquire about your services. Make sure to promote your email subscriptions and stay connected with subscribers with personalized company updates, news and related products/services to fit their needs.

hand drawing big global concept

Tying it all Together

Make sure you are utilizing Google retargeting to connect your users across online platforms. By correctly implementing remarketing tags you can drive users to your website through a variety of outside sources and drop a cookie on their browser that lets you know they have previously shown an interest in your company.

This type of information will allow you to continue to market your products and services to them ensuring your business stays top of mind


Continually analyze your progress, test new ideas and repeat. The best marketing strategies are the ones which are continually improved. Even the highest performing campaigns offer new opportunities for improvement.

Become a Business Super Hero & Protect Your Privacy

Become a Business Super Hero & Protect Your Privacy

Become a Business Super Hero & Protect Your Privacy

As a seasoned online marketing professional, I wanted to offer this list of items which I recommend to all of my clients during my initial onboarding sessions. Over the years I have seen too many businesses held hostage due to transitions within the role of online marketing.

This quick guide will make sure that going forward you officially “own” your digital assets while protecting your personal privacy making potential transitions a little less awkward.  

Update: Stay Tuned Folks as I add more How-To Videos for
a little extra help getting started. ~ Jessie

Create a Company Gmail Account

Signing up for Gmail is easy and best of all free. A business email account used exclusively for marketing should be the first step any business takes before marketing online. Whether you plan on marketing yourself or hiring someone to assist you with your online marketing this central location should be used to sign up for all of your online marketing tools.

By doing this you make growing your business secure and prevent the unwanted headaches of someone else owning your marketing assets (or having to dig through your emails for countless verification emails from people like me).

Instead, you can merely give access to the business Gmail account and instantly offer authorization to your marketing assets.

The best part is if anything should happen down the road you already have access to all of your communities and can change a password to limit access instantly.

Video: Need Help Creating a Gmail Account?


Secure a Domain Name

Make sure you register and secure your domain name as a business. If a 3rd party is handling this on your behalf make sure they secure and register the domain name under the company Gmail account created above. Remember if you do not own your domain name it may expire and become costly to purchase later on. 


Make Sure You Own Your Website

There are currently many very affordable services out there that allow you to build and manage your website with little to no developer experience. Before investing in these types of services remember to ask yourself what happens to your website if they go out of business.

Consider instead using a solution such as WordPress or Drupal which allows you to install the website platform directly on your server. Although the upfront costs tend to be a bit higher these types of sites are not only more cost beneficial later on but secure your intellectual data as a business and give you control over your website.  

Sign Up for Google Analytics

Use the business account you created in the first step make sure you sign up for Google Analytics with the same email address. This will allow trusted analytics specialists to gain access to advanced settings within your google analytics and further improve your websites tracking.

This step also protects your companies data from potential loss during employee transitions. Your analytics if used correctly can be one of your most significant online marketing assets.

Sign Up for Google Tag Manager

A successful implementation of Google Tag Manager will allow your marketing team to implement specialized tracking scripts and marketing tools without actually needing access to your website’s code. This is especially useful when you need to rely on a 3rd party for website changes.

Secure Your Facebook URL

In today’s social world it is essential to secure your business pages online before someone else does. When signing up for your profile make sure to use your business Gmail account as the central location of the account. This will allow for easy transfer and overall management of the asset.

Build a Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is the facebook for business. Make sure to build your profile and invite your employees to like the page and connect for optimal performance. As you grow and build your business taking this step up front will ensure your company maintains control of your LinkedIn profile for years to come. Nothing is more frustrating than losing years of social networking due to no longer being able to access your social logins.

Sign Up for Twitter

Twitter is a unique marketing platform that can be used to grow your overall online presence as well as ensure your company can take advantage of high impact moments for maximum exposure at precisely the right time. Make sure you register this property with your business account to ensure both ownership and access throughout the life of your company.  

Get a Free Account With MailChimp

Imagine having someone else using their account to build your email marketing list and then suddenly losing access to hundreds of loyal followers because you are no longer able to access the database.

This is precisely what can happen if you do not secure and encourage usage of your email marketing platform.

In Conclusion…

Marketing strategies do not always work or sometimes become stale and as a business owner you need to change things up… and that’s ok!

What’s important is that as a business owner you position yourself (and your digital marketing assets) in a manner which ensures you have full ownership of the marketing campaigns you invested in.

I hope you find this article valuable and it helps you grow your business online (hopefully save some heartache in the process)

Best wishes!


Ps. Did I miss something? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.