Who Is JHartman Consulting? 

Jessie Hartman – Founder and CEO

Greetings from Sun Prairie Wisconsin! My name is Jessie and I am a 22 year veteran everything online related to your business guru.

Web Development & Network Administration

I started my career 22 years ago working at a local startup dialup and hosting company with EarthNet as our #1 competitor. Hired directly from college my career skyrocketed to include things like t1 installation, manual dial configurations, UNIX server administration, hosting setup and management and of course domain registration (back when there was only one database)

As the demand grew for custom web development I was offered a unique opportunity to hone into my web development skills. Currrently I feel comfortable working with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, OSCommerce and most custom web coded websites (including e-commerce).

Today I prefer WordPress 99% of the time due to the time-saving value combined with customization opportunities with the exception of robust eCommerce applications in which I prefer BigCommerce or Magento depending on the budget and needs. 

Keyword Research & Strategy

My experience with keyword research & strategy started in 2000 with one of the worlds first hotel book engine affiliate programs called Lodging.com During my time there I worked closely with a small army of affiliate marketers offering keyword research and troubleshooting integrated booking engines for their websites. As a side project I developed over 300 local travel guides targeting different niches and locations and worked heavily on link popularity.

Affiliate Marketing

Following an exorbitant amount of booking cancellations following the tragedy on 9/11 the company almost immediately fell apart and heavy layoffs swept through the company. Following the acquisition by CheapTickets.com I began working independently kicking off my consulting primarily working with affiliate marketers work through the infamous  Florida Update.

For the next several years I honed in my skills working with penalty corrections while offering aggressive relevant link building services for well known agencies such as https://www.seo.com/ and industry names like.

Technical SEO, Analytics & Lead Generation

As work slowed down I made a transition into the agency environment where I developed a deep passion for analytics, website performance, reporting and strategy development.










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