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online marketing professional

Studying The Search Algorithm since 1998

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started in 1998

My career in online marketing began in 1998 with a small startup internet access company called Millenianet located in Newtown Pennsylvania.

Shortly after completing my computer science degree with CHUBB Institute I was recruited to answer phones, assist residential customers in configuring their dial up connection and manage website hosting accounts.

As we began opening the doors to website development projects our core web developer walked out of the job leaving several clients in the middle of project completion. 

I was quick to pick up the extra work and learn Frontpage. I was even quicker to dump Frontpage and migrate over to Dreamweaver) 

During my time there I discovered Search Engine Optimization through reviewing a clients website and finding a ton of hidden keywords at the bottom. 

Combining that information with the analytics provided by the servers and watching new businesses grow by the day I was hooked to say the least. 

Coffee Bean

what i have learned

The most important thing to remember in this industry is to never stop learning. Customers are constantly coming to me with new technologies, services and strategies and trends are always changing. 

Over the last 20 years I have taken a core keyword stuffing and base website development task and turned my expertise into a fully operational agency level service offering. 

I love continuing to expand my experiences and knowledge through trial and error and I have a deep passion for data analysis. 

Not everything works for everyone and sometimes the reasons why are not so obvious. 

All industries are unique in their own way which is research and competitive analysis is critical to kicking off any campaign. 

At the end of the day my goal is to review your entire online marketing campaign from website to social to search to email to business cards and work with you to always ensure an actionable measurable goal is in place that we can continue to improve upon. 

Its that simple. 

Coffee Bean

one of very few women

I don’t really talk to much about this but I am one of a very few number of women that have been in this industry for this long. 

Over the years the technology industry as a whole has become much more receptive to a woman’s voice every now and then I am reminded of the long journey leading me to where I am today. 

My journey is far from over but I am happy to say our society is moving to an age where I no longer need to change my name, act as an anonymous citizen or have a male co-worker repeat my recommendations to be acknowledged and respected as a woman in IT. 

For everyone out there who has supported and acknowledged a woman professional in a lessor popular field whether it be IT, construction or farming thank you from the bottom of my heart from both myself, my children and my children’s children. 

Hey there!

I’m Jessie

I live in a small town just outside of Madison Wisconsin and have been specializing in online marketing and development since 1998! 

I am a full-time freelancer and would love to assist you grow your business. 

As an added benefit to my experience I have been told by many I am super easy to work with, down to earth and extremely knowledgable in anything internet or small business startup related. 


family first.

As a mother of three amazing girls and now a grandmother of one irresistible little bugger I am proud to be a member of the family first movement. 





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